All Channel-Track offshore marine cable tray products are represented by Ocean-1.

     Ocean-1 has been designated as the Channel-Track exclusive distributor for all Offshore
     Marine Cable Tray Products in the following geographic areas:
  •      Pacific Coast of U.S.
  •      Atlantic Coast of U.S.
  •      Gulf Coast of U.S.
  •      Great Lakes Regions of U.S.
  •      Coastal Canada
     Ocean-1, established in 2004, in Houston, Texas, has become the market leader in the supply 
     of ABS Approved Cable Tray Systems and related support products to the Marine, Offshore, Rig,
     and Ship Building industries. Ocean-1 is also designated as a non-exclusive distributor of cable
     trays for Onshore Drilling rigs. The team at Ocean-1 brings over 75 years of combined
     experience in sales, service, and distribution to the Offshore Marine market place. Ocean-1
     maintains approximately $250,000 of Cable Tray inventory in Houston for immediate deliveries,
     and is focused on building strong customer relations through quality products, superior
     customer service, and product availability.

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Marine Flat Bar Tray

Marine Channel Tray

Marine I-Beam Tray

Marine C-Rail Tray

  • Cable Tray

  • Marine Tray

  • Instrument Tubing Tray

  • Punched Angle & Channel

  • Stainless Steel Tubing Clamps

  • Instrument Pipe Stands

  • Condensate Pots

  • Strut Support Systems

  • Air, Liquid & Gas Manifolds

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Gang Clamps

  • Support Systems

    • Alternative to conduit, keeping wire, cable and tubing out of harms way.

  • Mechanical Structural Strut Systems

    • Giving you the flexibility to build supports in the field without having to weld.

    • Technical support on custom designs as well as Specialty products.

    • Leader in Gang Clamp manufacturing.