For over 40 years Channel-Track & Tube-Way Industries Incorporated has been the leading manufacturer of support systems for instrumentation tubing, wiring, cable, and instrument supports. Channel-Track takes great pride in our commitment to excellence and the quality of our products and service. Located in Houston, Texas with distribution centers in Alabama and California, we are uniquely positioned to serve the industrial and marine communities. We stock inventory in each location to meet the fast paced needs of the industry.

Channel-Track's commitment to quality control is surpassed by no one in the industry. We succeed because our customers believe in our partnerships and our abilities to solve their ongoing challenges. At Channel-Track & Tube-Way Industries, our state of the art manufacturing and machining facilities allows us to pay close attention to the quality standards that our valued customers demand. Channel-Track not only builds our standard products but offers engineered, custom built products our customers may need, built to their exact specifications.

Solving Problems... it's what we do!

Channel-Track & Tube-Way Industries
CTTW manufactures a system of instrument tubing supports and instrument supports for the industrial instrumentation market. These products include instrument stands, punched angles, punched channels, punched flat bar, clamps, connection parts, manifolds, and condensate pots.

Maxistrut Manufacturing
A complete channel framing system for the Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, and Marine Industries. The products consist of all common sizes and shapes of strut as well as all connection pieces, brackets, hangers, clamps, and spring nuts.

Channel-Way Marine Industries
A complete system of trays and channels specifically designed for the marine industry. Products include Diamond Offshore spec angle ladder tray, flat bar ladder cable tray, Z-series flat bar ladder cable tray, and I-Beam rail ladder cable tray. Available in marine grade 316stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized, or aluminum.

  • Cable Tray

  • Marine Tray

  • Instrument Tubing Tray

  • Punched Angle & Channel

  • Stainless Steel Tubing Clamps

  • Instrument Pipe Stands

  • Condensate Pots

  • Strut Support Systems

  • Air, Liquid & Gas Manifolds

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Gang Clamps

  • Support Systems

    • Alternative to conduit, keeping wire, cable and tubing out of harms way.

  • Mechanical Structural Strut Systems

    • Giving you the flexibility to build supports in the field without having to weld.

    • Technical support on custom designs as well as Specialty products.

    • Leader in Gang Clamp manufacturing.